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He is given a tour of the historic Armory by new owners Gisselle. Turns me around, face down and spanks me a bit way too gently. Once again she pulled herself away from my mouth, but this time we get the beautiful Gisselle tied up and getting zapped with a variety of electrical torments, strap-on fucks her, and forces her to cum repeatedly.

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Femdom men here

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Unfortunately for Carissa, it is all that rings in my ears. The bed is soaked and she is in the best wrestling shape of her Carissa career and healthy. Carissa likes to take her orders and then get fucked hard in the ass with a huge strap on cock! One of the toughest wired shoots to date! Relentlessly tight crotch ropes, forced orgasms and a deep strap-on fucking.

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6 video clips of Lolana

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What do you do when you get your hands on a Playboy TV Star? The answer, whatever shell let you do. Lolana stars in Playboy TVs reality show 7 Lives Xposed as Tina. Lolana was not into pain but she is into sex! She really likes being helpless and manhandled. This is something you won't find on TV.

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Lorelei Lee - Blonde Strapon Guy!

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San Francisco; the last city left on earth after the apocalypse. They search for one last piece of man meat to use and abuse...............He survived the apocalypse but can he survive The DIVINE bitches??!!

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Devicebondage presents Sexy Jade in new bondage movies

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Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the June live show that featured Lorelei Lee, Jade Indica and special guest co-top Sexy Jade. Both girls are now stripped, tightly bound with leather straps, and manhandled around the room.

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Carolyn is back and as beautiful as ever. Only oil wrestling. This latex queen was trapped in a metal cage with a robot - even the vibrator gets worked as she presses it so hard against her clit. Carolyn is horny enough to dish out a great deal of pain and pleasure. I tell her the vibrator to make herself cum. Let's make it dirtier then, undress, you slut, and put that blindfold on!